Air Canada Motorcycle Cargo Shipping Promo Again for 2017

Air Canada Cargo’s Fly Your Bike program is designed to transport motorbikes when traveling with Air Canada or not. This program is valid from May 1 to September 30, 2017.

To book or find out about our Fly Your Bike program please call the customer service number in the city your shipment will originate from.

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RV Adventure. Part 3/3. Kelowna to Vancouver


Part 1 / Part 2

What a beautiful morning to wake up to. The sun is an amazing blue and the air fresh. There is adventure in the air as I loosely plan my day today. I definitely want to drop by Area27 in Oliver, BC and it’s a perfect day for it.

There were a lot of RVs at the Walmart parking lot in Kelowna. I had a nice chat with a couple who are moving from Winnipeg to Kelowna area and they bought a little trailer as their temporary home until they find a new home. Adventures are also about meeting new people and hearing their story.

So off I go…Kelowna to Oliver, Area27. [click to continue…]


Don’t let your dreams pass you by…

Often we feel that we need to have “all our ducks in a row” so to speak before we can choose to move forward.

Many years ago, I learned the difference in living by choice or by decision. You see, a decision is based on outside factors that will help you make that decision, whereas choice is not. [click to continue…]


RV Adventure – part 2/3. Calgary to Kelowna (all expenses paid)

Part 1 / Part 3

Roger’s Pass with a bit of snow coming down.

Entering the Rockies from Calgary.

Near Roger’s Pass

Cutting through the Rockies.

I may have forgotten to tell you, but this trip is not costing me a dime. This is not the first time I have done a trip like this. Having the time freedom to jump on a plane last minute and drive around Western Canada all expenses paid, is my kind of “day at the office”. [click to continue…]


Another RV adventure unfolds… Part 1/3

Part 2 / Part 3

Well. Another adventure begins. I flew into Calgary AB, Canada from my Halifax, NS visit and now am set to drive this RV across the mountains back to Vancouver. This is not the first time and won’t be the last. Today it is sunny and 29 degrees, but tomorrow they are “predicting” 100km hour winds and lots of rain.

Tonight I stay in the Calgary area as the sun has now set and I need a good rest for tomorrow.

A nice meal at Boston Pizza and a good sleep. That is my excitement for the night, and I am fine with that. Tomorrow the day will unfold as the weather permits.

I enjoy adventure. The careers I have chosen have mostly always allowed me time freedom to be able to live life passionately. I would die if I had to be in a cubicle again for 8 hours a day, just to sit in rush hour traffic to get home exhausted.

If having a career that suits a lifestyle that affords you time, location and money freedom, then click here to learn about my ==> Done for you System 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of this adventure.

May you live life with passion and adventure.



It was hot and sunny. We started with a short ride but the sun kept pulling us farther.

The sun was up early yesterday so a quick decision to start our ride early was made. We had a nice breakfast and readied our bikes. My step-father and I were off for a short 30-minute ride. We started in West Vancouver and headed out on the famous Sea-to-Sky highway to Squamish. We thought we would stop for a snack and see what our plan is from there.  Well, we chose only to grab gas and head farther up the road. [click to continue…]


Riding with Ric 01

Music: “Levitate” by Hadouken!

A warm ride home on a nice spring day. Just me in my helmet. Stay tuned for more sweet clips.

Stay safe. Rubber side down.


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All work and no play?? Does lack of money hold you back? Read for the answer…

There is time to work and definitely time to PLAY. My laptop lifestyle career choice allows me the time and location freedom to enjoy life. Do you find yourself tied down and unable to do the things in life you want? If you answered yes, then ask yourself…who put you there? You. You did. This is powerful to understand this because this also means that you can get you out. We can always look around us at reasons (excuses) not to change, but if we really have a strong desire we can make a positive change in our lives and begin to live life with purpose and passion instead of just surviving life.

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Tip: Go out and find someone that you admire that lives a lifestyle that you would like to emulate and go take them out for coffee or lunch. Ask them what they love about their life and their career. Then listen. Good luck, and don’t forget to “smell the roses” once and a while.


Let’s change those tires and go off-road…


My New Adventure – January 2017

My new to me 2014 BMW F800GS is a bit different than I am used to riding. As you see from the below picture, I was a go fast guy at one point. I must say, the soft front suspension and tall skinny front wheel of the BMW takes a bit of getting used to. Now I don’t ride the BMW the same as the R6. Maybe it’s my age now or wisdom. After racing on the track I don’t see the need to go fast in traffic and put myself or others in harm’s way. I have put a few miles on the BMW now and must say, I am quite enjoying it. I am already buying newer and smaller camping gear etc. to take on a nice adventure this summer. Stay tuned for those posts. “Rubber side down”. Richard.

Raced 2001 Canadian National Pro Sportbike class.