Why I bought the new SPOT Gen3 GPS Messenger.

I recently bought a SPOT satellite GPS messenger Gen3. BONUS, because right now it is 50% off. As I enjoy solo motorcycle trips, scuba diving, skiing, boating and other off road adventures but dislike emergencies I can’t control, this product was always on my ‘to buy’ list. I want to go off road more and deeper away from the main roads and this product gives me peace of mind to do that. As some of you may know, I also volunteer with Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue. I have seen and heard of many emergencies that could have greatly benefitted from the use of some sort of beacon to alert Emergency Responders.

Well, I saw it was on sale in a local newspaper ad and ran out and bought it.

The 50% off is a mail in rebate so it was not immediate savings, but it was also $20 off at the store. Before tax and after rebate, I paid $75 Canadian. That’s a good deal. Now, it does require a subscription and I was aware of that. As a Life Insurance Broker, I am very aware of paying a little bit each month as insurance so that I have the resources or help I need if I find myself in an emergency situation.

My personal reasons I bought the SPOT gen3, in order of priority to me:

  1. SOS Emergency response at the push of a button. Very important as I travel alone sometimes.
  2. Able to call for SOV, Save our Vehicle, at the push of a button. I like this as it covers me in any vehicle I am in if I have my SPOT with me, including my car. Basically, it is road side assistance even if there is no road or cellular coverage.
  3. At the touch of a button, and at any time, I am able to send up to 2 different prewritten email or text message to up to 2 lists of friends or family that I am OK.
  4. Track my travels for myself and for others to follow online.
  5. There are some more features as well, like tracking a stolen vehicle with SPOT etc.

Once, I brought the unit home, I created an online account and bought the annual subscription package that best suited me. I am happy to pay this, as I can’t imagine being stuck in the back woods or on the water and not being able to call for help in an emergency. Time is precious in an emergency.

My SPOT is all set up now and I have tested the personal messaging and created my 2 family and friends lists and emailed them details on how to track me on my adventures. I am looking forward to the peace of mind and the possibilities this unit will provide.

If you go off road at all, regardless if it is back country, on water, ski hills etc. do yourself and your loved ones a favor and buy a SPOT. I hope you never have to use the SOS feature, but the peace of mind is priceless.

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To safe and memorable adventures.

Richard Van Liempt


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