A beautiful ride from Vancouver to Lillooet, BC in 35 deg sunny weather.

Heading south on Hwy 99 just past Duffy Lake.

There are now words that could describe the beauty John and I  experienced on our ride to Lillooet, BC. Riding time there is about 3.5 hours. We prepped the bikes, put on sunscreen and sorted out our wireless communication. We were all set.

Our first stop was Squamish where we had a quick bite to eat and our morning coffee and fully fuel our bikes. My “new” bike was running so smooth and flawless. Next stop, Whistler. Well, we actually didn’t stop and instead just motored on. We arrived in Pemberton about 25 minutes later and the heat was now up to 35 degrees. Nice. I wore my new Scott adventure gear and with the awesome venting, I was very comfortable. We stopped at McDonlads just to fill our water bottles and stretch our legs. John chatted with a local and was told there is a truck and trailer just off hwy 99 that recently burnt to the ground and was still there. Hmmm. Let’s see.

Just as we were exiting Pemberton I saw a nice black bear peeking his head out, just at the side of the road partially hidden in the thick underbrush.

We finally came upon the burnt truck n trailer. Yup. Totally burnt.

Onward we went, passed Duffy Lake. Just past Duffy Lake, there was still a big collection of snow pack coming down from the mountain on our right that had previously crossed the road and down to the lake on our left. The road was clear and dry to pass but you could still see snow on both sides. We then rode passed a few camping areas and into Lillooet. Time for lunch. We had a quick drive down the main street in Lillooet and decided to stop at the Reynolds Hotel for lunch. That hit the spot and it was nicely air conditioned.


Reynolds Hotel and Pub, Lillooet, BC


A nice lunch and off we rode… So, I forgot my sunglasses (prescription glasses to boot) on my passenger seat and rode away. I noticed when I tried to adjust them. Ug. Good thing we were still close. Yes, they were still there on the ground near where I left. John quipped that this was now the 3rd time.  We were now heading home on the same route, Hwy 99. There were lots of motorbikes out today. All types.

We had meandered back toward Duffy Lake and stopped to take a few photos. There was a gaggle of giggling gals taking selfies and getting wet walking on the logs. They were having a great time. The view was outstanding.

A nice break and a quick chat with another BMW F800GS rider from Trail, BC on route to Whistler. He has put 100,000 kms on his bike and still plans to put on a lot more.

Time to head South and home. The bikes have been our steady companions.

A quick stop at Squamish for a leg stretch and refuel. We arrived home a bit tired and tired bums after 7 hours in the saddle and a full day out. It was a beautiful ride on a beautiful day but nice to be home. Time to rest with a beverage and fire up the BBQ for burgers and a salad. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Next ride up Hwy 99 North I will drive past Lillooet and explore more of beautiful British Columbia.

If you would like to join me or take a ride like this yourself and need a bike. Visit my friends at BC Cycle Rentals for your full set up.

To your next adventure and keep the rubber side down.

Richard van Liempt

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