Reconsider Your Use of Plastics

I recently watched this documentary. Wow, I thought I knew we, as a world, used a lot of plastic, but I didn’t realize just how much ends up in our oceans. As a scuba diver and boater, I love my ocean. I live right beside it in fact.

I highly recommend that you watch this documentary with your family if you can, and share this link to my post so that others are aware as well.

After watching the video, I went grocery shopping. I noticed the cashier has plastic bags easily ready to use. I asked if he had paper bags which he did but had to reach under the counter for them. I asked if he had watched The Plastic Planet. He said he did.When he said this I was surprised then that he did not offer paper bags to all his customers. I think the answer here is convenience. This morning as I make my daughter’s lunch, I see how many plastic containers I need to use for her. Now, she is not allowed to bring single-serve plastic containers eg. yogurt cups) to school, nor plastic spoons or plastic zip bags, but it is still challenging then not to pack her lunch in anything but plastic containers. I have to rethink this.

I remember when my mother bought groceries. They came in paper bags always. We also had our meats and cheeses wrapped in paper with paper tape or string.

This week I will make it my mission to actively search out plastic alternatives for my life and my families life. I mean think about it, to save on using disposable plastic water bottles the easy answer is to buy a plastic washable bottle. But it’s still plastic. What about straws? I remember paper straws. Where did they go? Kids toys (that they use once or twice anyway), plastic… and on and on. Well, I have thrown down the gauntlet against plastic. Challenge accepted.

I hope you consider the same.

To our healthy planet. Richard van Liempt.

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