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What a beautiful morning to wake up to. The sun is an amazing blue and the air fresh. There is adventure in the air as I loosely plan my day today. I definitely want to drop by Area27 in Oliver, BC and it’s a perfect day for it.

There were a lot of RVs at the Walmart parking lot in Kelowna. I had a nice chat with a couple who are moving from Winnipeg to Kelowna area and they bought a little trailer as their temporary home until they find a new home. Adventures are also about meeting new people and hearing their story.

So off I go…Kelowna to Oliver, Area27.

I arrived at Area27 racetrack. It was nice and sunny but oh so windy.

I had a nice chat with the security guard at Area27 race track. As it is members only, I was able to walk around to a nice viewing area and take a few videos and snap shots.

Standby for more video on my YouTube Channel

I had a nice chat with a local First Nations fellow. I asked if the rifle was to keep the looky-loos away. He said it was for the bears. There was one spotted with a couple of cubs, and they are hungry. He said I would make a juicy meal. What was he implying?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the cars whip around the track, but if any of you know me, I don’t tend to just watch. Hmmm. How can I get on this track and put in a few laps?

After some videos and pictures, I headed out for lunch in Oliver. I noticed the track cars from earlier at Area27 were all parked in front of a pub. I thought I would stop in and say hello. I was able to meet a few of the drivers and chat a bit. I offered to email some of my footage to them.  It was nice to see the comradery.

Next destination, Osoyoos, BC, a border town to the USA, at the bottom of Lake Okanagan.  It was nice and hot out. I didn’t linger long. Hmm. I am starting to look a bit scruffy.

I decided to stay the night in Manning Park which is about a 2 hour drive through Princeton on Hwy 3. I stopped to take some pictures and take in the amazing view of Copper Mountain open pit mine. My picture doesn’t do it justice. It is huge. There are big trucks in my picture, but they are mere specks. Here is a Google maps link to an arial view. Copper Mountian – Google Maps

I made it to Manning Park Resort. They have done a ton of upgrades to the buildings. Wow, take a look at some of the carvings on the posts. 

It was dinner time. They had a store, resturant, and pub. What a score. I thought I would cook dinner on an open fire, but I opted for the restaurant as it started raining (ok, it was a shear downpour for about half an hour). For a small restaurant in the middle of the Rockies at a campground, dinner was excellent. A nice spinach salad followed by a swiss, mushroom burger with wild mushroom soup. That hit the spot. I try to eat good greens when on the road to counter the occasional fast food stops.

Ok, time to look for a campsite. I drove around and there were lots. It was quite cold though with snow still on the ground. I noticed the campsites did not have hookups for electrical. I needed that to run the heater. Decision time. I chose to drive on and find a campsite with hookups. I ended up at Sunshine Valley RV Resort & Cabins only 30 minutes away. They had full hookups and …wait for it… pool and hot tub. Awesome. I booked in and had 15 minutes before the pool and hot tub closed. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing hot tub time and nice hot shower and a shave.

The morning was bright and refreshing. I was up early and on the road by 7 am full of energy after a nice night’s sleep. I drove 25 minutes to Hope, BC and stopped in for an A&W “All Canadian Breakfast” then off again on Hwy1 to the final stop for the RV, Surrey BC where it will be parked.

I have arrived at 10 am on the 3rd day of my trip. Time to relax and tell stories and share photos with my good friend and owner of the RV.

All in all, I drove 1226 kms (761 miles) over a three-day day period. I originally flew in from Halifax, NS from a family visit so my adventure actually began at the Atlantic Ocean and finished at the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver.  Some days were tough driving in windy or wet weather or lonely but most were fantastic and I embraced the alone time. I mean, this is what an adventure is all about, isn’t it?

Now that the trip is done, the RV is for sale. Yes, you heard it, you too can build your adventure, memories and your photo album either alone as I did or with family or friends in this RV. Here is the link to the sales page.

2005 Ford F-450 Majestic Class C

Stay tuned for my next adventure. Who knows in what or from where.

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To a life full of adventure.



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