Another RV adventure unfolds… Part 1/3

Part 2 / Part 3

Well. Another adventure begins. I flew into Calgary AB, Canada from my Halifax, NS visit and now am set to drive this RV across the mountains back to Vancouver. This is not the first time and won’t be the last. Today it is sunny and 29 degrees, but tomorrow they are “predicting” 100km hour winds and lots of rain.

Tonight I stay in the Calgary area as the sun has now set and I need a good rest for tomorrow.

A nice meal at Boston Pizza and a good sleep. That is my excitement for the night, and I am fine with that. Tomorrow the day will unfold as the weather permits.

I enjoy adventure. The careers I have chosen have mostly always allowed me time freedom to be able to live life passionately. I would die if I had to be in a cubicle again for 8 hours a day, just to sit in rush hour traffic to get home exhausted.

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Stay tuned for the next chapter of this adventure.

May you live life with passion and adventure.


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