It was hot and sunny. We started with a short ride but the sun kept pulling us farther.

The sun was up early yesterday so a quick decision to start our ride early was made. We had a nice breakfast and readied our bikes. My step-father and I were off for a short 30-minute ride. We started in West Vancouver and headed out on the famous Sea-to-Sky highway to Squamish. We thought we would stop for a snack and see what our plan is from there.  Well, we chose only to grab gas and head farther up the road. There was a sports car charity ride the past couple days so we say a lot (I mean a lot) of sports cars and hypercars on the Sea-to-Sky highway. Classic Porsches to Mclarens and everything in between.

Off to Whistler Village, we went. A beautiful ride. (wish I knew where my GoPro was, I would have filmed a bit) A quick tour of Whistler and again we didn’t want to stop. Why stop and sit if we can sit on our bikes and ride?

Again we headed out. Now farther on to Pemberton. Wow, it was nice and hot in Pemberton. We stopped for some photos and some pub snacks and ale. (one only). A nice little town with Mount Currie as a backdrop.

Here are a few pictures. If you haven’t ridden the Sea-to-Sky highway, it’s a must do on your bucket list. There are lots of nice stops along the way.

Richard Van Liempt “Rubber side down”


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