All work and no play?? Does lack of money hold you back? Read for the answer…

There is time to work and definitely time to PLAY. My laptop lifestyle career choice allows me the time and location freedom to enjoy life. Do you find yourself tied down and unable to do the things in life you want? If you answered yes, then ask yourself…who put you there? You. You did. This is powerful to understand this because this also means that you can get you out. We can always look around us at reasons (excuses) not to change, but if we really have a strong desire we can make a positive change in our lives and begin to live life with purpose and passion instead of just surviving life.

If you would like more time, location and money freedom, then follow this link to a short video on my Done-for-you-system to start an online business and create that lifestyle you want. (psst. you don’t need any knowledge of online business or marketing. we teach and coach you all the way. that’s why it is called a Done-for-you-system)

Tip: Go out and find someone that you admire that lives a lifestyle that you would like to emulate and go take them out for coffee or lunch. Ask them what they love about their life and their career. Then listen. Good luck, and don’t forget to “smell the roses” once and a while.

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